Thu 30/10

rosie local love: Creative spaces

The North Perth town center in short is a big gathering of friendly operators who love to share the good times & are all driven by unique passions. Today we speak with Rikki whose innovative design studio Creative Spaces, works to assist communities as well as local and state governments in celebrating people and places through unique storytelling experiences.

Rosie: First thing’s first, can you tell us a little about Creative Spaces and which aspects set you apart?

Rikki: Creative Spaces is a small design studio working mainly in the heritage, exhibition and interpretation fields. We work with communities both in the metro and regional areas of WA, designing unique and engaging experiences to help share their stories. It could be anything from a temporary exhibition, interpretive trail signs, furniture design or environmental graphics… and a few variations in between.

Rosie: Can you take us back to where it all started, where were you before Creative Spaces and what made the idea a reality?

Rikki: I would love to say that I had the original idea for Creative Spaces but that credit goes to the former owner! I started out working as Creative Spaces’ graphic designer and the first exhibition that I worked on happened to feature my grandparents. I learnt so much about the history of the suburb where my grandparents lived and the passion of people in that community. When the opportunity came to buy the business five years later, I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

Rosie: Where does the passion that drives Creative Spaces stem from?

Rikki: Honestly, I think it’s the amazing stories that we get to hear about. All the little unknown facts about a community, place or person that we get to share with the visitor and the fact the every project is different. Actually, I think the following probably sums it up pretty well:

We believe that the ordinary things are worth celebrating.

We find fun in unexpected places.

We give everyone a moment to be remembered.

Rosie: What do you think are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of using such an interdisciplinary approach to design?

Rikki: I think it’s being able to view the project from different perspectives and then bring it all together into one cohesive approach. It’s not always a smooth path, and where we start on a project, is not always where we end up. It can be hard for a graphic designer to think like an interior architect and vice versa, and that’s where it’s great to have more than one design discipline in-house.

Rosie: What is an example of a Creative Spaces project which you feel illustrates your design philosophy?

Rikki: That is a hard one to answer! At the moment I would probably say the temporary exhibition that we designed and built for the WA Police at this year’s Royal Show. We took an initial idea (how to make your home secure), injected some fun into it (custom graphics, hidden doors, activity sheets and giveways) and hopefully gave everyone a moment that they will remember from the Show. It was also a massive team effort and required close collaboration with not only the client but our suppliers as well.

Rosie: As an active member of the North Perth community, what are some aspects of North Perth that you absolutely love?

Rikki: One aspect I love most about North Perth… the gorgeous old Italian chaps that sit outside Europa Deli (opposite Coles) watching all the action. We also love to watch the action from our office window – we have a great view across the road to Fiorentina, the new Angove Street Collective Café and the Wesco garage!

Rosie: Let us in on a secret? Any exciting new projects in the works?

Rikki: We have a few projects in the pipeline and they’re all pretty different. We’re excited to be working on some concepts to refresh the Margaret River Visitor Centre, we’ll be heading down to Dumbleyung to help the community celebrate the world water speed record set by Donald Campbell 50 years ago and there are some really beautiful World War One Centenary exhibitions coming up too.

Rosie: And last but not least, for those unaware where can we find Creative Spaces?

Rikki: We’re on the corner of Woodville and Angove Street, upstairs from North Perth Physio. (Our official address is Suite 1/46 Angove Street, North Perth.)

Discover more about Creative Spaces here: