Fri 18/11

Peter Bibby Chats Strawberry Heals

Tonight in main room, Perth’s music community comes together to help out our good mate Strawberry Pete! Pete recently had a brutal fall, so his good buddies put together a fundraiser show to help him pay for the long and expensive recovery process. Come on down from 7pm for a stellar lineup of legends with Felicity Groom, GUM, The Painkillers, Human Buoy, Last Quokka, Doctopus, Bill Posters & The Prosecutors PLUS a very special mystery guest!

We caught up with organiser of Help Out Strawberry Pete – the one and only Peter Bibby for a quick chat about this evening 🙂

Rosie: Hey Peter, how’s your day going?

Peter Bibby: Pretty bloody well thanks Rosie, I’ve been in an organisational tornado all day and it’s just about time to relax.

Rosie: Do you know the story behind the ‘Strawberry’ in Strawberry Pete?

P.B: It depends who you ask, all I know is one time he dyed his blonde hair strawberry coloured and we’ve called him that ever since. I also keep enforcing it because it’s less confusing when we’re out and about together.

Rosie: What are some fond memories of times spent with Strawberry Pete?

P.B: So many! There was the hilarious weekend we spent a few months ago doing Dog Act gigs in Sydney and Melbourne where we got up to many a mischief, the time Nathan Savage and I bundled him into a van and drove across the Nullarbor from Perth to Melbourne a few years back….countless days and nights spent making music, exploring streets and parks, solving problems, and generally having great times.

Rosie: Why should we head on down and show our support?

P.B: Besides the fact that there’s 7 of Perth’s finest acts playing for your entertainment and enjoyment, every dollar will go towards Petey’s speedy recovery and get him back on his feet so he can continue playing music, studying, and experimenting with wireless electrical systems, getting us closer to the dream of free energy and further brightening  up our times whilst being the guy he needs to be.

Rosie: How would you recommend we come dressed to celebrate everything that is Strawberry Pete?

P.B: Wear the clothes you need to wear to have the time you want to have.

Rosie: If you could make an ‘on the road to recovery’ playlist what would be 5 of the top tunes?


Move on up – Curtis Mayfield
The Edge – David Axelrod
Sahara – Rabih Abou Khalil
Los Matadoros – Gabor Szabo
She’s got balls – acdc

Rosie: What does it mean to be a part of The Good Buddies Foundation?

P.B: I’m not too sure at this point. For me it’s about pretending to be Tony Soprano, without harming anyone or actually making any profit, but still having the satisfaction of pulling an envelope out of my coat pocket and handing it to a bunged up mate, maybe kiss on the cheek, say ‘God Bless’ or something, probably stinking of the night before when we all had a great time getting that cash together.

Seriously though it’s just a fun way to help a mate out of a crap situation. People have been doing it for years. Good buddies go way back, since the dawn of time.

Rosie: What’s next on the horizon in the world of Peter Bibby?

P.B: Quite a lot actually, on Saturday the boys and I are playing with The Laurels (syd) and Gunns down in Bunbury, Sunday we’re with Grace Barbè, A&J Stone and the Johnny Butler Trio down at Cottesloe Beach. Some other HUGE stuff coming up but we’ll see if we make it out of this weekend alive before we worry about any of that.

Head on down for ‘Help Out Strawberry Pete’ tonight in main room from 7pm! Tix are only $10 at the door 🙂