Thu 03/11

Sketch The Rhyme Vs. Colab

Perth’s own collective of rap lords Colab go head to head with Sydney’s freestyle and live drawing supergroup Sketch The Rhyme this Friday! Ahead of this epic rap-off, Brian Kruger and Archi of Colab caught up to chat about the freestyling experience, the art of the cypher and the history of Colab.

Brian: What do you love about freestyling?

Archi: I love hearing rhythms and flows naturally layered over a beat mixed with the constant catch up game the mind has to play to think ahead for the next line. When someone is genuinely freestyling you can really feel it and in my experience it’s like nothing else when it all falls into place.

Brian: Do you remember when you first freestyled?

Archi: I remember being in Empty’s car and passing back and forth with him over an Erykah Badu album… then every day for the next few months that’s all I was doing. I was instantly hooked. It was like a drug…

Brian: What do you think makes up a great cypher?

Archi: It’s all about the vibe!

You should be able to flow from one mc to the next without fumbling. If you can continue on where the last mc left off without hesitation then the whole cypher wins 😃

Also I would add, if it’s a ‘freestyle’ cypher, don’t go bringing your prewritten raps… everyone needs to be on the same page.

Brian: What’s the most important thing to you when you freestyle?

Archi: Keeping it fresh. It makes it hard, but not repeating used lines is a big deal for me. I always try to keep my freestyles on the fly and not fall back on lines I’ve used before. This and flow. Gotta have good flow.

Brian: How long have we been doing this for now? 

Archi: Colab has been running for around 9 years now and it started as a collaboration between two local Perth outfits, The Community & Flow Lab, which is where the name also came from.

The idea was to have a completely improvised night of hip hop from the mc’s, to the band and even the guests who get up. We have definitely accomplished that and now have massive turn outs month after month. The Colab nights have evolved into something really special.

Tickets are available to Sketch The Rhyme Vs Colab now, find yours here.