Fri 16/12


DJ Lindsay Slohand (AKA Jenny Aslett) is pretty infamous around these parts, partly because when she’s not using an alias inspired by a certain Hollywood child star, she’s playing bass for the dreamy, garage-pop foursome Gunns. We caught up with Lindsay to ask her a few q’s about which party bangers she’s gonna be spinning up at the upcoming Totes Boxing Day, alongside a whole host of buds from Spinning Top and more.

Rosie: Hey Lindsay Slohand! How are you and what have you been up to today? 

Lindsay: G’day Rosie. I’m good. Feeling very ready for the weekend!! I’ve been working today 🙁 I’m gonna hit the beach later and then go to Mojo’s for a Boat Show gig

Rosie: What have been your favourite records released this year?

Lindsay: ANTI by Rihanna And Solange did a ripper one too. And my pal GUM – Flash in the Pan is splendid.

Rosie: What are some of your favourite tunes to play to lift the vibe?

Lindsay: The Ship to Shore theme song techno remix is pretty sick. Also the Arthur theme song.

Rosie: What’s the wildest thing that’s happened during one of your DJ sets?

Lindsay: Maybe having the bar staff dancing on top of the bar while DJing to maybe 4 punters

Rosie: If you had to forever only play music from one year, which year would it be?

Lindsay: That is too hard!! Whatever year Candy by Mandy Moore was released, I’ll take that one.

Rosie: How do we prep for a Lindsay Slohand party set on Boxing Day?

Lindsay: If its gonna be as sweaty (mum’s spaghetti) as last year, have a dip in your paddle pool first, maybe snack on a twin pole and slip slop slap.

A handful of tickets are still available to Totes Boxing Day, find yours here before it sells out!