Fri 27/01

Chatting with Ali Flintoff (Boat Show)

Pond plays an exclusive hometown show Saturday February 25, and local supergroup Boat Show (feat. Ali Flintoff of Dream Rimmy and Jenny Aslett from Gunns) have been announced as supports! Ahead of this very special homecoming, we had quick chat with Ali who gave us the lowdown on their upcoming ‘Groundbreaking Masterpiece’ and covering The Veronicas.

Rosie: Hi Ali! How are you and what have you been up to today?

Ali: I’m good. Today is Australia Day so I’m laying low and sending my sincerest apologies to the original land owners.

Rosie: Who are ‘Boat Show’? Can you give us a character profile on each band member?

Ali: Boat Show is a garage band of 4 girls and 1 guy with lyrics about the scum of the earth.
Jenny is the wise old lady who is on the prowl for a Fender sponsorship.
Naomi is the little shit.
Indy is the quiet interesting one.
George is the token shit boy.
And I am the loud/obnoxious one.

Rosie: What is the best Boat Show you’ve ever been to and why?

Ali: Mandurah Boat Show cause they had a hell good sausage sizzle.

Rosie: Are you working on a new record?

Ali: Yes! We’ve finished our first album. It’s called “Groundbreaking Masterpiece”.

Rosie: You’ll be playing at Rosemount with POND. Any live treats in store for the audience?

Ali: Yeah we might cover 4ever by the Veronicas to see if we can clear the room.

Rosie: What’s the wildest thing that’s happened during one of your shows?

Ali: I smashed a Guitar Hero guitar on stage at the Rosemount.
Also me and Jenny dry scisorred on stage. What a treat.

Rosie: If you had to forever only play music from one year, which year would it be?

Rosie: How should we prep for a Boat Show party?

Ali: Get your skippers ticket.

A handful of tix are still available for Pond with special guests Reef Prince and Boat Show, find yours here.