Fri 10/02

One Day’s Fave Tracks & West Coast Love

The Sydney-based One Day collective bring you their infamous monthly backyard party on Saturday March 4! Ahead of this special outdoor edition, Nick Lupi, Joyride and Raph caught up with us to talk about love for the West Coast, their favourite tracks on rotation at the minute and more.

Rosie: What do you think it is about being a part of the One Dayer community that keeps people coming back?

Nick Lupi: We pride ourselves on throwing safe and inclusive parties – the kind of party where people are comfortable dancing during the daytime. And if you’ve ever been to one of our parties you’d know that there is plenty of dancing in the daytime. We like to think that our parties aren’t pretentious but you still want to rock you flyest attire. Basically it’s the fact that people can feel relaxed and do their own thing and amazingly there just aren’t that many events that let you do that, so like-minded folk are forced to return.

Rosie: The One Day collective life seems to be one of non-stop touring! Who or what do you miss most when you are on the road, and why?

Joyride: I miss the intimidating comfort of my own unfettered thoughts. Being alone is truly why we are on this earth. Why do you think people meditate?

Raph: I miss having a full wardrobe. And also my cats Sosa and Luna. And of course the misso. And my linen bedding.

Nick Lupi: It’s a bit cliche but mostly: friends & family, my own bed, whipping up that work in my own kitchen, etc. Since we started doing Perth ODS every month, I see my friends on the west coast much more than my crew back home. I’ve grown very fond of em and I like to think the feeling is mutual.

Rosie: If you could compare vibe of Perth to any other place on earth where would it be?

Nick Lupi: The North Eastern coast of Brazil. Relaxed, multicultural, hot, and lots of good looking people.

Rosie: Can talk about any of the wildest moments during a One Day DJ set?

Nick Lupi: We can’t go into any details, but there have been both footy players and olympians receiving internal infractions and suspensions from their teams as a result of attending our parties.

Rosie: What have been some tracks that have been on rotation during your sets or just on your Spotify account lately?

Post Malone – Congratulations ft. Quavo
Jubilee – Wine Up feat. Hoodcelebrityy
Spit Syndicate – Inhibitions
Migos – Tshirt
Oi Polloi – Bash The Fash
Lil Uzi Vert – Ps & Qs

Rosie: What can we look forward to at One Day’s Block Party mayhem March 4?

Nick Lupi: This month we’re going classic block party in the car park. We’ve set up a basketball half court for some 3 on 3 during the day, and the country’s best hip-hop DJs will be spinning all day. Early comers get a complimentary drink and some food between 1-3. This will be a vintage One Day party.

A handful of tickets are still available to the next One Day Block Party, find yours here!