Wed 22/03

Roller Easter 2017: Catching Up With Yattaman

If you’ve been anywhere near a nightclub in Perth in the last 12 months chances are you’ll have heard the name “Yattaman”. In a really short space of time he’s gone from early guest spots to headlining local nights and having prime slots on festival stages. He also knows a thing or two about warehouse parties and we’re pretty excited to have him at the Rosemount Hotel for Roller EASTER 2017!

This week we caught up with Yattaman ahead of Roller to see what he’s been up to.

Rosie: Where does the name Yattaman come from?

Yattaman: I worked at Grill’d for about three years, my friend Henry who I used to work with would call me that name because he had heard it somewhere. The name stuck, and when I started DJing, I couldn’t think of anything better so I rolled with it! Turns out, “Yatterman” is the hero from a Japanese Anime TV Series..

Rosie: You seem to have exploded onto the scene with a bang in the last year, how long have you been DJing for?

Yattaman: My first proper DJ set was for Fresh Produce @ Ambar in November 2014. I had been mixing in my bedroom for about 6 months leading up to that and did a few house parties with a friend of mine.

Rosie: You placed highly (2nd) in the Inhibit DJ comp in 2015– how did you feel after that? Did it give you a good leg up and help you get recognised?

Yattaman: It was amazing, I don’t think I had ever spent so much time on the decks prepping (sorry housemates), so having that pay off was extremely satisfying. It definitely helped me to be recognised in the scene for pushing a unique sound. I would highly recommend people to have a crack at it, it was a lot of fun.

Rosie: Any memorable gigs over the past year?

Yattaman: So many! I think that the biggest would have to be closing the local stage last year at Breakfest with Sistym, as well as playing the lead up set for DJ Hype (one of my all time favourite DJs) at Villa. At that start of this year, my partner and I took the plunge and decided to start putting on our own warehouse parties under the name, MOTION. I opened for the first one, and I really enjoyed having the freedom to set the vibe for the night exactly how I like it, opening sets are underrated!

Rosie: Your sound seems to borrow heavily from the older jungle styles, do you have any influences in this respect?

Yattaman: Ah yes! Definitely get a lot of inspiration from the likes of Nicky Blackmarket, Mickey Finn, DJ Hype, DJ Randall etc. I really enjoy watching these guys now, and seeing how they have managed to evolve with the times, whilst still staying true to their sound. When I put a set together, I try to pick out the best sounds from every subgenre and come in with a mixed bag. I will always pay respect to the classics in my sets, but I also incorporate new sounds and everything in between.

Rosie: What can we expect from you at Roller Easter? Anything new you’ve been saving or do you prefer to keep it under your hat?

Yattaman: That’s a good question! There are a few tracks I am saving for the night, but I don’t want to give too much away 😉

Rosie: Are you just DJing at the moment or have you ventured into the world of production?

Yattaman: Yep, just DJing at the moment. Although I have finished up with uni now, so I think with the extra time I am going to get stuck into a bit of production this year.

Rosie: Where can we find out more? You have a Soundcloud account or Facebook we can jump on?

Yattaman: Yes and yes!

You can catch YATTAMAN alongside FLOWIDUS (Ram Records/ProgRAM), DYNAMICS, SAMANTICS, PEGASUS and the ROLLERCREW at Roller EASTER THURSDAY – Thursday April 13th at the Rosemount Hotel.
Free entry – 7-late.