Fri 10/03

Starting Over with Ziggy Alberts

Byron Bay’s Ziggy Alberts has made waves in recent years, not only through his soulful songwriting, but through his grassroots approach to work and life, environmental activism and the stories he tells whilst out touring and living out of his van. We caught up for a little chat with Ziggy about playing in unconventional spaces, his favourite artists and what else he has planned for 2017!

Hi Ziggy, what’s your day been like so far?

Ziggy: Day’s been pretty low key.. I’ve actually been outlining what my next 2 years look like and what I want to achieve personally and in my career. I’m doing this little email sitting in my van before going to go get a wave!

Rosie: What does ‘Starting Over’ mean to you?

Ziggy: Ah well, last summer I did the Runaway Australia Tour – which was 35 shows from the sunshine coast – Perth, driving over 20,000 km… and we decided to do the same route again this summer, except adding another 15 shows to the mix! so it was like starting over on this big beautiful national journey again.

Rosie: Your tours seem to take you on unconventional journeys – e.g. hosting community events, performing in Steiner schools and at town halls. What do you enjoy about bringing in these new places and communities?

Ziggy: I guess I’m inspired by different venues because they often allow for all ages crowds and an opportunity for unity; it came from a place of necessity, then, it continued because I realised you can have amazing all ages shows all around the country!

Rosie: Can you tell us some stories about these special places and people you’ve met?

Ziggy:  Ah, there has been so many special moments on this tour, but I have to say South Australia really stole our hearts this tour.. we scored so many fun waves, camping with friends under starry skies every night; there is a really rugged beauty to this side of the coast. I’m stoked to be here in WA, the waves and landscape are always inspiring and hopefully we score waves here too ! ( haha)

Rosie: What concepts do you draw from when songwriting?

Ziggy:  I draw a lot from personal experience and like to leverage on the ocean for lots of my analogies; I’ve been subtly raising environmental awareness through my songs for many years. That’s a big part of my music writing for sure.

Rosie: Who are some artists you admire making interesting music in Australia right now?

Ziggy: I’m so inspired by my friends who are writing amazing music; Nick Saxon, Garret Kato, Kyle Lionhart, Boo Seeka, Luke Morris, Ryan Delaney, Parcels.. these guys are all incredible Australian musicians!

Rosie: What would you say are your top 5 favourite records of all time?

Ziggy: I can’t give you my all-time favourites, but I’ll tell you which records have had the most play yearly; Telluric by Matt Corby (2016 fav), Hozier’s self titled album (2015 Fav), In The Silence by Asgeir (2014 fav) and Every Kingdom by Ben Howard ( which has been playing nonstop in my travels since 2013).

Rosie: What’s on your horizon for the rest of 2017?

Ziggy: I’m excited for the last 9 shows of tour, which are all here in Western Australia; then I’ll be touring Europe and even maybe USA. Most importantly, i’m going to try and be healthier then ever this year, surf, dive and adventure a lot! That’s my plan!

Tickets are still available for the Ziggy Alberts ‘Start Over Summer’ tour heading to Rosemount March 24, find your ticket here!