Fri 07/04

The Get Down with Charlie Bucket

Fresh off the launch of his new release ‘One Life’, we caught up with producer extraordinaire Charlie Bucket to find out his favourite tunes and what it takes to create the vibe.

Rosie: What first drew you to producing? Was it something that happened organically?

Charlie: It seemed a pretty natural progression after so many years of DJing. You can only play other peoples records for so long before you want a piece of the action. Hahaha. 

Rosie: Are there records or artists you always find yourself returning to either in your music or your downtime?

Charlie: Absolutely, even though I collect a lot of records of various artists and genres when I’m at home I definitely have my “go to” artists that I like to listen to a lot. I even have a specific section in my shelves for them because I listen to them so much. They include “Jorge Ben”, “Fela Kuti”, “Marvin Gaye” and “Bill Withers”. As for DJing I tend to mix it up a lot more to keep things interesting for Myself & the listener.

Rosie: The launch of your second release in February, ‘One Life EP’, was part of a double launch with Detroit producer Tall Black Guy. What was that experience like?

Charlie: It was great, Terrel (Tall Black Guy) is an artist I admire very much so to be able to share the bill with him was a real honour. Plus it was the first time I performed my music on a more live scale which was a totally different method I’m used to but was really fun. I especially enjoyed not having to be the centre of attention with the help of far more charismatic front men/women hahaha.

Rosie: You’re featured at a variety of events from parties like ‘Late Night Valentine’ through to chilled out spaces like here in the Rosie backyard. How to you adjust your set for the different vibe? Do you have preference?

Charlie: I’m lucky in that I’m quite eclectic in my music tastes which means I can spin a lot of different parties. Nothing beats playing to a dance floor that is open minded and allows you to indulge a little bit as a DJ as well, but I also really enjoy playing in more relaxed atmospheres where people are just chilling and you can play music without necessarily having to worry about a dance floor.

Rosie: You recently started a monthly Spotify play-list – ‘The Bucket List’. What inspired you to get this going?

Charlie: I’m not sure I guess sharing music with people is my passion and I like doing that in any way I can whether its through DJing, broadcasting, mixtapes or now I see spotify as a new medium to do that. I’m that guy that used to always make mixtapes for friends in school.

Rosie: What is your most treasured vinyl?

Charlie: Woah that’s a hard question. I’m not sure I have 1 specific record to choose from. I have loads that mean so much to me. A lot of the Fela Kuti records I have are Nigerian originals that I spent years trying to find and I think are some of the most important records ever made. I have a signed “Roy Ayers” record from when I was luck enough to support him which means a lot to me. The way collecting works usually is your most prized record is the one you’re still trying to find. The Hunt is sometimes the funnest part.

Rosie: Tell us more about this Sunday’s gig! Who’s a part of this local supergroup and what kinda vibes can we expect?

Charlie: Haha I guess it is a bit of a super group of sorts. I have MC Amani, MC Wisdom 2th, Nick Sheppard on guitar and vocals and The Ruby horns as the horn section. We’ll be performing a few tracks from both my Honesty EP & the One Life EP. It’s hip hop music firmly rooted in afro-beat, samba, jazz and soul. Perfect for outdoor beer garden vibes.

Head down to the Rosemount backyard from 1pm on Sunday April 9 to catch THE GET DOWN featuring Charlie Bucket. Amani, Wisdom 2thand Nick Sheppard. Free entry!