Wed 05/04

Roller Easter 2017: Interview With Flowidus

The Flowidus story started in early 2015 when Spillage (Garo) met Dealt Fairly (Raphael) and decided to make beautiful music together, since then they have gone on to gain a huge amount of attention in a relatively short period of time and what has followed has been national and international tours and releases on some of Drum & Bass’ biggest and most influential labels such as RAM Records and ProgRAM.

We thought it would be a good idea to catch up with them to see how they’re feeling about all things music and roller 17.

Rosie: Wow – what can I say? It’s been a massive year for you guys and you’ve had some tunes signed to some pretty heavy hitting labels including ProgRAM, RAM and Good Karma Music, how does it feel?

Garo: It definitely has been quite the year for us! It’s still such a buzz that it happened and to do it in Perth is so rad. The scene here is so supportive and the response we have been getting has been very humbling. We still remember that first email from RAM, we both squealed like little girls!

Rosie: How long have you been producing individually and also as a duo?

Raph:  As a duo it’s been about 2 ish years and as individuals we did about 3 or so years before that.

Rosie: Who came up with the name? Any hidden stories behind that one?

Garo: The name was a painful process, rattling off a billion and one ideas. We like Flow and what it stood for. Everyone flowing on the same buzz and on the same wave length. The “IDUS” part of it came from the word Mellifluous – meaning a sound that is pleasing to the ear. This is because melody is always something we strive for in our tunes.  So Flowidus came from amalgamation of those two things and a play on words with Flow With Us – everyone just joining in on the ride and having a good time doing it.

Rosie: Your style is always pretty bouncy and fun, where did this come from?

Raph: Yeah like we said before, melody is always a big thing, even in the most gnarly of face melters. Something needs to grab peoples ear, even if it’s a bouncy bass hook that gets their attention. Without it, it’s all just wasted frequencies and noise really.

Rosie: You both have a varied musical background, can you let us know about this background and also how has this influenced and helped you with your production?

Garo: I guess we both come from very musical backgrounds, I have a degree in music and jazz performance. Both my parents were singers too.

Raph: My whole upbringing was surrounded by music, with all my siblings being in bands, I was lucky enough to always have instruments lying around the house.  Also I was in a bilingual class from 6 -13 years old, I know, random right?  And we had to do Kapa haka (Maori traditional singing) everyday single day. We both listen to various styles of music, which I guess all helps.

In terms of what helps our production or song writing, I think it’s actually a lot of listening to drum and bass tunes. As they are very formulaic a lot of the time, it’s a good frame to build off and try to bring your own flavour to it.

We always try to create something that’s our own though, we never want to copy any one’s style.

What’s the old creative saying, Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate. Currently we are somewhere between Assimilating and Innovating and on the cusp of a mental breakdown from too much caffeine. Still got a way to go, we feel, to really hone our sound.

Rosie: What advice can you give to those who are just starting to get into the studio?

Garo: Don’t send your tunes out too early. Get people around you that can be super honest with feedback. Yes men, or for those politically correct people out there, Yes persons, can be very toxic. Collaborate. Experiment. Be patient.  Keep it fun! Even producers who got big at 18-20 years old, have all been producing for years. Another saying, haha, an overnight success is 10 years in the making – very fitting.  It takes time. Ask questions and be a sponge too. Also, when you get to a level where people ask you the questions, take time to answer because you/we were once one of them. Never forget were you came from too!!

Rosie: Do you prefer DJing or being in the studio?

Raph: DJing is a lot of fun that’s for sure, but the satisfaction when you finally get something sounding right in the studio is insane, especially when you just spent 12 in a dark room to get there well every ones outside in the sun drinking icy beers! Producing requires a lot more hard work and commitment of time! There’s those times you want nothing more than to head but your computer screen. We definitely want to incorporate live elements into our sets eventually. There is an energy created by live music that is hard to replicate, it allows for spontaneity and on the spot expression. That all said, DJ is bloody fun so at the end of the day it‘s how we perform our music that we produce!

Rosie: What does 2017 hold for Flowidus?  Are there any more releases or tours you can tell us about?

Raph: Keeping it all tight lipped at the moment but yes there will definitely be more releases and gigs!

Rosie: Can you share a current top 5 with us?

In terms of producers, we are going to say Document One, Dimension, Tantrum Desire, Break and The Upbeats. Everything that those guys produce is on point.

You can catch FLOWIDUS (Ram Records/ProgRAM) alongside YATTAMAN, DYNAMICS, SAMANTICS, PEGASUS and the ROLLERCREW at Roller EASTER THURSDAY – Thursday April 13th at the Rosemount Hotel.

Free entry – 7-late.