Fri 05/05

EXCLUSIVE: Sittin’ down with Scalphunter

They’re a hard band to do justice with words alone. You need to be front of stage feeling their high intensity, in-ya-face, fast and hard punk hit you right in the chest to truly appreciate what these locals do. Scalphunter have several WAMI nominations, 1 WAMI award and a Big Splash win under their belt, but don’t let the name and fame fool you – you’ll regularly see frontman Steve jump into the crowd to high-five as many audience members as he can reach. We had the extreme please of chatting with frontman Steve Goodlooks and guitarist Alex Cotton to chat about their upcoming video release for ‘Man With Square Eyes’, the Perth punk scene, and get some exclusive behind the scene shots!

Rosie: Let’s go back to the start. We can’t think of a time before Scalphunter, but it must have existed, right? How did it all begin?

Steve: Every member in the band has been playing shows in WA since their late teens! Scalphunter is the birthchild of buckets of blood and sweat spilled out on the broken stages of Perth punk venues. A few years of Alex and Steve playing under various guises, 2012 seen Matty and Ash join, the sound and song writing evolved and we have the Scalphunter you know today. The bastard child of rock-n-roll and hardcore with an ear shattering heart attack inducing live show to match.

Rosie: This will be your first time playing in our brand new, re-furbished main room after years of being regular favourites at the Rosemount Hotel. Have you had a chance to check it out yet? Getting excited?

Alex I regularly poked my head in as renos were going on and had a wander through the first night you had shows on. Room looks fan fucking tastic and we cannot wait to give the PA a run!!

Steve: We have so much respect for the Rosemount. The venue has been putting on local, national and international shows since anyone can
remember. I had a little sqizz at the reno’s and it looks epic.. EPIC! Cant wait to break it in!

You’ll be launching the new video for the single ‘Men With Square Eyes’, directed by Steven Browne. We’ve had a sneak peak with some stella photos, any chance we can squeeze some behind the scenes info from you?

Alex: Yeah haha, a few behind-the-scenes here for your viewing pleasure, taken by Kim from Shoot The Wicked Witch. As with any filming the idea is far more glamorous that the reality. We and all the awesome crew spent 2 long days in Maylands building sets, setting up everything and running all the shoots. But we did have an amazing time. We personally might have got a tad carried away trying to be 70s cops haha but it was all awesome fun, thanks to Steve Browne and his team of legends!

Rosie: You’re known for the tangible sense of love between the band and audience during shows – one of the most respectful circle pits we’ve ever seen. What’s the importance of this for you and the fans in the room?

Steve: It is so importance to us that all our fans feel comfortable at our shows. I am not going to list every human persuasion there is so just know that EVERYONE.. YES YOU is 100% welcome in a Scalphunter pit. And if you fall one of the band will be there to pick you up, that’s a promise! Nothing pisses me off more than when someone cops an elbow to the face that didn’t want it. Everyone has the right to dance at the front, get in the pit, and if that isn’t punk enough of me then I don’t want to be associated with the word. Of course its going to be a bit rough, hell, its punk raawwwwk! But seriously, look after each other and we will play for you until we our bodies cant do it anymore!

Alex: Well… fans are everything… and who wants to come to a show and not have a good time. To us a good time is inclusive of everybody so if you wanna run around and go nuts then by all means do it. But don’t hurt anyone, if someone gets jostled hug Em and help Em up. And if you want to cause trouble then get the hell out!

Rosie: Where do you think the punk scene in Perth is sitting at the moment? How has evolved over the last few years with the new venues and bands coming through?

Alex: Without trying to sound like the old men we are haha… I actually think the WA punk scene is thriving right now. There are so many new bands every time we blink there is some new young group playing music way beyond what we would have been doing at their ages. New venues & reno’d old ones just make this even more fun.

Rosie: You’re taking some chill time soon to work on the next album. Tell us a bit about that.

Steve: Our gorgeous bass player and his lovely wife are having a baby! So we will sit back on the gigs for a little while and work on song writing for the next album. And watch this space because the long, long, long, long, long awaited debut is coming! Thanks for your patience!

You can check out the video HERE!

Don’t miss the chance to see Scalphunter live in action Saturday May 6 at Rosemount Hotel when they launch their brand new video. I know we can’t wait!

Photos courtesy of Scalphunter and Kim Anderson.