Fri 16/06


We recently launched the newest addition to our Rosemount family, our little brother Four5Nine Live Lounge.

Slingin’ fine booze, bites & beats until late with live local and touring bands kicking off later in the evening. We had a chat with Tim to get behind the scenes and his top picks for the week.

We’re gonna do an iron chef on you – you’ve got capsicum as an ingredient – how would you use it, what’s the cocktail, how much would it cost?

For all the booze hounds out there we could make something as simple as a gin old fashioned, using West Winds Cutlass Gin, A WA gem made with native Australian ingredients like cinnamon myrtle & native bush tomato, with fresh cut capsicum and lemon bitters, stirred slowly in a mixing glass and strained in our old fashioned glass with ice sphere & fresh capsicum garnish.

Greenday just walked into the bar – what do you think they’d order, and what would you like to serve them?

If working in a live music venue has taught me anything, its that all artists / bands love whiskey. I would be serving up an American bourbon whiskey with an Australian beer chaser. 2 drinks, 2 origins, together in harmony – perfect tour classic.

We can’t think of any other venue in WA that specialize in cocktails and live music – have you seen venues of this sort in other parts of the country/world?

It’s rare to find live music venues anywhere that deliver live music 7 days a week. The only venues that I have seen around the world deliver live music 7 days a week would be the Hard Rock Hotel Franchise. It’s nice to be on to something new and exciting, introducing this to not only our regular local patrons but our new ones to come.

Select a cocktail – Can you give us a breakdown of how it’s made, and what the inspiration was?

Being a live music venue I wanted to really use that as the theme behind the Four5Nine Live Lounge cocktail menu. All signature cocktails are named and inspired by not only influential but iconic songs that still stand tall in modern music.

Now down to the booze, this was an idea that I put together in a small bar in Melbourne. Sloe gin, violet liquor, rosemary, apricot jam and grape fruit juice shaken like it owes you money and double strained in to a coupe glass. Perfect. Now sloe gin is a berry infused gin (sloes are small berries that grow wild in England and are crushed in the distilling process), mixing this with rosemary came natural, two big hits of flavour mellowed out with apricot jam and grape fruit juice (photo featured). Perfect for the winter nights pondering what’s next, asking the important questions just like Bob.

‘Blowing in the wind was just a feeling I felt, because I feel that way’ 

Bob Dylan, 1963

We’ve noticed some super tasty and rare looking craft beers in a can. What’s your pick from of a sessional beer and tasty dark this week?

It’s all about the tins, what’s old is now new again. Beer lasts a lot longer in cans and stays colder. We have some amazing brews in tins from Scotland, USA and from our very own Perth and Adelaide Breweries.

As for dark beers, we have just added these dark horses to the Four5Nine Live Lounge:

  • Barrow Boys Stormy Lager (Vic), a hazelnut coloured lager with an extra kick of hops.
  • Brewdog Jet Black Heart (Scotland), which is an oatmeal milk stout, with roasted malt flavours of coffee and chocolate.
  • Moon Dog Mack Daddy (Vic), a well balanced hopped up dark ale with hints of chocolate and sarsaparilla.

This week I’m partial to the jet black heart, the name says it all, just as cold as your ex-girlfriends heart. Everything you want out of a dark beer; chocolate, coffee, 4.7%, a perfect session beer for any cold night.

Four5Nine Live Lounge is open every Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm til late. Swing by and try our range of signature and classic cocktails paired with some house bites.