Fri 28/07

Interview with an Architect – Steve Mladenovski (Ausmak Holdings) and the new Church

Standing grandly on the corner of Angove Street and Albert Street, gazing at the continuing construction of the new Church has become an iconic part of our strolls through North Perth. Over the years, we have watched it materialise – each step of construction introducing a new element of architectural grandeur to the landscape of our streets and community.

We were lucky enough to speak to architect, Steve Mladenovski, on behalf of AusmakHoldings to get an insight into archecture in today’s world, and the journey of construction.

Have you built a church before?

No , I have worked on the church as a student in my school days and on my school vacation but this is the first Church building I have been directly responsible.

What is your favorite church on a global scale, and what do you like about it?

I am Macedonian Orthodox and my favorite religion and Church is Orthodox and its design . The orthodox churches are usually built traditionally and most of the newly built Churches this days in Australia , Europe, US , are designed based on the architecture dating between 9th and 12th century. It would be an attraction when this Church would be fully completed. It will have lots of frescoes, icons are lots of color. It is going to be a beautiful building with huge history and many stories to tell.

It is an incredible mixture of materials that you’ve pieced together for a timeless, classic look. Please tell us where you sourced some of the materials used, we are supposing some have come from afar.

Yes you are right. The mixture of the material used on the building , some are imported from South East Asia and some are sourced locally. The final imports will be from Macedonia, the material  will be segments of the iconostasis and this will be the final stage of building prior official launch and opening. As you can see we are in the final construction stage.

How do you feel about architecture today, in relation to the limited amount of time people spend creating a temporary feeling environment.

The Architecture can deliver lots of attractive buildings and met the needs of the Community, however we should aim towards achieving the best creativity by spending more time in developing ideas, and putting full emphasis on creating beautiful cities. The economic environment and cost factor prevent many talented Architects of expressing the best ideas and creations.

We realize that this is a church, but nevertheless there must be a launch of some sort. Is there a date that we can bling?

Yes there will be a Launch and opening ceremony at the completion, your office will  be notified and invited. Date for opening is yet to be confirmed. A ceremony will be held on 12 August 2017 in the morning which will be the blessing and installation of the Crosses. You are welcome.  

The Church is only a short stroll down down the road from the Rosemount Hotel – you can even get a glimpse from our Backyard.