Fri 11/08

Oh My! 5 minutes with The Ohmy Days

They may be young, but they’re taking the local music scene by storm! The Ohmy Days bring a modern twist to classic rock ‘n roll with their laid back and surfy vibes. A good riff, some catchy vocals, and you’ve got a beautiful combination with this band. We had a quick chat with them in the lead up to the launch of their brand new single ‘Too Well’.

Firstly – tell us how you all met and got the band together. There tends to be some good stories behind band members meeting!

Hey! Jeez I think ours is pretty boring in comparison, but Noah, Hugo, Alex and I all grew up and went to school together, and I think we were set on the idea of making a band for a while so when we finished high school we pretty much jumped straight into it, but realised pretty soon we needed someone else, and we knew Will through friends and from going to gigs and stuff, and we had a jam with him and yeah, he just slotted right on in. Pretty anti climactic ahahaha

You’ve got a pretty iconic sound with your laid back twist on classic surf rock – did you start out with this in mind? Or did it formulate organically while jamming?

Ummmmm, I don’t think we really had any idea of anything when we started out, we all listened to a lot of the same music, like a lot of that californian garage surf rock, so naturally i think that showed in a lot of the songwriting. I think this single is a better representation of where the band ‘direction’ is heading though.

Speaking of jamming – how do the songs come together? Do you have a key songwriter that presents the music or lyrics?

I guess I come to the band with the chords and loose structures and some lyrics, then we usually get the bass down, tell noah to stop drumming like a gorilla, and then will and hugo usually add their own guitar/harmoica licks over the top. A lot of discussion happens when we write though, which is good. It’s definitely a group effort.

Tell us a bit about the recording process for ‘Too Well’. You’re in the process of recording your debut EP, yes?

We recorded the drums at a friends house first, and then the rest we did back at one of our houses with our friend Jordan. Then we did a couple mock-up mixes and made sure we had everything we wanted, and finally finished it off with another friend (Jack) who put the finishing touches on it. It took us a really long time in the end hahaha, but i think it was worth it ?? maybe ? who knows. We actually just have a bunch of stuff thats already been recorded just sitting around waiting to be released, but at the moment we have no idea how we are going to release it, we have a bunch of new stuff too, so if its an EP or an album or some more singles, only time will tell

What can we expect to see at the upcoming launch?

Maybe some props? Maybe some costumes? Who knows. Very cool bands and Dj’s though, please come

What are your favourite local bands around town. Any bands you never miss?

Hamjam, Mt Mountain, Ben Witt, Airline Food, Wheelers of Oz, Reef Prince, I could go on for hours. We try and never miss The Spunloves though, those boys get it done.

You can catch Ohmy Days launching their new single ‘Too Well’ in the Main Room on Saturday August 18. Tickets $5 at the door from 7pm.