Fri 22/09

5 minutes with Great Gable

Local act Great Gable have proven time and time again that they hold up to their name. Packing out venues across Perth and flitting around the country, their modern laid back take on classic surf rock n’ roll has listeners hanging on every strum of the guitar and vocal hook. With the launch of their second EP Modern Interactions at ours on Saturday September 23, we sat down with singer and guitarist Matt Preen to chat about what’s coming up.

You’ve been around for a few years now – you’ve supported Mansionair, TORA, a slot at Southbound Festival and Rottfest – how did it all begin? 

You’ve gone back pretty far there! That was back at the old Causeway in Vic Park I think. We actually never got to play Southbound because it was cancelled due to the fires, but we were on the lineup. The project actually began in my bedroom with singer Alex and I about 5 years ago, but it wasn’t known as Great Gable yet. We put together a band around late 2014 and went through a few changes and now we’re here. Have had a ripper time but!!

‘Modern Interactions’ is your second EP, produced by Matt Gio and mastered by Will Bowden. How did you find this recording experience differed to recording your debut? 

Matt Gio is a wizard at what he does, he played a massive part on this record, especially with workshopping different ideas we had for some of the songs. It was also the most time we’d spent in a studio in one go which was great, we all really enjoyed that bit.

Tell us a little about the album cover art for ‘Modern Interactions’ – It was designed by yourself and C_Mac_?

So Conor (aka C_Mac_ on instagram) is the guy who has done a lot of our most recent artwork, including the single and posters, he’s awesome. I had this idea to take a piece of artwork and chop it into squares and split it so they looked like that, and then I remembered a piece of art that Conor had created a while back which we really liked. So I made a rough draft of it and showed him and it was slowly pieced together from there.

Do you have any passions outside music? Do these contribute to your song writing in any way?

Personally I try get into different avenues of art, that helps influence me. We all have lots of passions and they all do contribute to song writing in some way or another, that’s the idea of modern interactions. Every form of interaction you have, physically or mentally, shapes the way you think, which can sometimes translate into music even if you don’t realise it.

What is the highlight of your gigging career? Any shows that really stick out in your mind?

For me I think all the shows from our first national tour back in March this year really stand out because they were a whole new experience for us. We almost didn’t make the Newcastle show because of flights being cancelled and moved, but we made it 10 minutes before we were supposed to play after about 7 hours of intense travelling. That show was a big old haze but it stands out as one of the more entertaining ones for sure.

What’s your favourite record to listen to on the road?

It always changes depending on the mood, but we collectively decided on George Harrison – All Things Must Pass, you can’t help but feel good listening to that while cruising down the freeway!

Great Gable will be launching their EP alongside Jacob Diamond, Wooly Mammoth and Cooper & The Catz Saturday September 23