Fri 24/11

ROLLER chat to Terrence & Phillip

Headlining ROLLER SUMMER BASS this year are the local brothers behind the label Good Karma Music – Terrence & Phillip – we caught up with them ahead of their performance to get the lowdown on the label, their favourite tunes and what we can look forward to in their first ever set at ROLLER.

ROLLER:  It’s been a massive year for you both with your label Good Karma Music putting out some amazing music, how has the feedback been so far locally and overseas?

T&P:  The feedback has been so amazing, even right from the word “go” people really seemed to get behind what we were doing. There are so many talented artists in our little city and it’s an honour to be able to help expose our future superstars to the world. Gaining international support on any level was always a main goal for us and over the last year or so, people from all over the world have started getting in touch. It’s been amazing and really inspiring to keep moving forward with what we do!

ROLLER:  We’ve seen some great releases on the label from both Australian and international acts, have you got some more in the pipeline you can tell us about?

T&P:  Late last month saw a massive 3 track release from local guy Michael Pizzino aka Blayze aka Killionaire aka Dat Riddim Guy. His ‘Galaxies EP’ was by far his best work to date, which saw some great support from all over the world. The 3 tracks we’re of the melodic liquid/dance floor type, one of them featuring a local vocalist by the name of ‘Blake Rose’. The EP really highlighted Michael’s music talents and suited the label perfectly.

Forthcoming November 27 we have a 5 track EP ‘Descent’ coming from a guy that is with out doubt the one to watch at the moment. Matt Cheeseman aka Esym is making some serious moves at the moment with a recent signing to Methlab and his release on GKM. This guy is a gun in the studio and his skill set ranges from the filthiest neuro to the most heart felt liquid you’ve ever heard. Its only a matter of time before Esym becomes a house hold name in DNB.

ROLLER:  Have you got a current GKM top 5?

T&P:  This isn’t an easy as we’re really happy with everything that’s been showcased on the label so far. But, if we had to pick a top 5 then it would all come with the memories that tie along with them:

  1. Neptune – Spillage & Dealt Fairly (Flowidus)
  2. Symbols – Blayze
  3. Imba – Just A Phase feat. Leah Costello
  4. Tremah – Distractions
  5. Dealt Fairly – Those Days feat. Sammy Eames

ROLLER:  We’ve seen some great gigs happening under the GKM banner, have you got anything happening over summer we can look forward to?

T&P:  At the start of the month we teamed up with a new touring agency from Melbourne ‘Chemistry Touring’ and presented Document One. It was really great to finally be able to showcase an artist that hadn’t recently been out with any other Perth promoters. The events side of things has always been a lot of work and at this point of time for us we feel that it really is about ‘Quality over Quantity’. So for now we’re looking at applying the breaks a little bit, working closely with ‘Chemistry’ and strategically hosting some awesome parties. That being said… Keep an eye our for Jan 26 😉

ROLLER:  All this hard work over the last few years seems to be paying off – are there some big plans for 2018 that you can tell us about?

T&P:  Thank you! Definitely some countless hours been put in lately that’s for sure haha! We’ve got new music coming out next year with a few international artists and currently talking to a couple of labels regarding an offical release but unfortunately we can’t say too much about that as of yet. Overall we’re not quite sure what 2018 is yet to bring for us, but we’re extremely excited to see how things pan out.

ROLLER:  DJ wise, what artists have been on heavy rotation in your sets of late?

T&P:  Document One / Sub Killaz / Break / Drumsound & Bassline Smith / Ill truth / Ed:it / Technimatic / Dominator  / Upgrade / T>I / Dub Elements / Bou Dutta / Tsuki / Turno / DJ Chap / Whiney / Monty / Eastcolors / Klinical / S.P.Y. . Enei   (Just to name a few)

ROLLER:  So where did it all start for Terrance and Phillip? Was music always in your blood?

Growing up we always enjoyed music. Our mother was a Sound Engineer for live bands and our dad played the bass guitar for multiple bands. Through high school Phill started playing the drums studied music. At that point Tez was right into gangsta rap. “I think that’s where the love for heavy bass came from”. Tez had a friend that had purchased some turntables after attending some Loaded Dice events about 8 or 9 years ago. He started mixing records in his bedroom daily and it wasn’t long until Phil started getting involved. We mixed for about 4 years at home before we started landing a few slots at the Newport Hotel on Wednesdays and Thursday nights, as well as the Wednesday night Beatmash events Inhibit used to run. From there we took out first place for a DJ Competitions run by Loaded Dice and landed a support slot at metro city for Andy C, Camo & Krooked & Firece and that’s where the T&P story starts.

ROLLER:  Are you ready for the rumble of the rosie sound system?

T&P:  You know it 😉 The fresh renovations are looking great!

ROLLER:  You’ll be playing alongside your MC CD:MC – why is he the guy you like to get up on stage with?

T&P:  When it comes to CD:MC aka Callum Martin, we can’t talk more highly of his work! He’s been beside us since the beginning and always knows how to keep the crowd rolling. Hes got a very unique style and is definitely one Perth best.

We met Cal through some mutual friends about 6 years ago and at the time we didn’t even know he could MC. We got invited to spin some tunes at a birthday last minute and rocked up real late, the party was pumping and everyone was on the level. We started playing a few tracks when we noticed Cal plugging in the mic, it was late so we said go for it. Long story short, it was rom that point on we invited CD to perform with us at every show, became life long mates and our preferred MC.  

ROLLER:  Cheers for your time guys. We look forward to hearing you at roller on the esecond of december. Any final words of wisdom for those out there trying to get a foothold in the industry?

T&P:  When it comes to any advise on breaking into the edm music scene, try not to play the top 100 tracks on Beatport when trying to land DJ work. Dig deep on Soundcloud and YouTube to find hidden gems and create your own flavour! Go out and support local events and get friendly with other DJs and the promoter. It’ll be a lot easier to spark friendships with people after meeting a few times rather than sending cold messages.

Also, it’s never too late to start music production. Writing your own music is a great way to express your personal style and speak your own languag. But most important of all, just remember to have fun with everything. Sometimes things get a little stressful when you’re passionate, but  remember your best work is created when your happy and having fun!

You can catch Terrence & Phillip live at ROLLER SUMMER BASS on Saturday December 2 at ours alongside some more incredible artists:

Terrence & Phillip w. CD:MC


B-Regal / Royce / Silver / Temple


Saturday 2nd December

7PM – Late


Rosemount Hotel