Wed 15/11

ROLLER chat to B-Regal

With ROLLER SUMMER BASS party just around the corner, we thought it’s time to start getting revved up for the biggest free DNB party in town. Here’s a little chat the ROLLER SUMMER BASS crew had with B-Regal. Check it out!

B-Regal is a relative newcomer when it comes to the Perth DNB DJ landscape but she is already having an impact her infectious enthusiasm and love for the beats – we caught up with her ahead of her appearance at ROLLER SUMMER BASS to get the lowdown on her favourite flavours of DNB.

Q:  How are you? Looking forward to the summer party season?

Hey, I’m good thanks. I’m not going to lie, I’m a lil’ bit nervous but excited as this is my first gig playing solo.  I’m stoked to be added to the Roller Summer Bass lineup and definitely looking forward to silly seasons and what sounds and vibes it will bring.

Q: Can you remember the first time you fell in love with the sound?

The first tune I fell in love with was Josh Abrahams ‘Addicted to Bass’ when I was about 16 (2002), from there my love for drum and bass grew and I explored other artists such as DJ Hype and the remix of the Fugees ‘Ready or Not’ – Pure vibes! There are a million reasons as to why I fell in love with drum and bass and other electronic music, nothing beats a good bass line to soothe the soul.

Q:  When did you first decide to pick up the headphones and give DJing a go?

I first picked up the headphones two years ago, I thought to myself all these years I have been listening to drum and bass and I wanted to get a whole new appreciation and meaning for the music I love.  Perth has some amazing female Dj talent and this inspired me even more.  My partner, Sean aka Impulsv encouraged me to get behind the decks and start learning.

My first pair of decks were 450s which I had set up in my room and practiced every day and from there it has progressed and yes I finally upgraded to 900 nexus haha.

Q:  What are your most memorable moments from DJing out and about?

It’s a pretty surreal feeling supporting some the international artists you have listened and aspired to for years.  I have played handful gigs and there’s nothing better seeing how the crowd’s reaction is when you drop a great tune into the mix.  I’m grateful for the skills and support I have gained from other DJs along the way.

Q:  What artists and sounds are you really feeling at the moment?

I’m really feeling Ivy Lab and the whole 20/20 as well as Lenzman and the North Quarter, Alix Perez, and Villem. I’m also digging the half time vibe, Chimpo, Monty, Sam Binga and a bit of Fixate.  All time love is jungle and deep rollers.

Q:  Do you have a DJ that really inspires you? A DJ whose sets you always listen to?

I’m loving the SINE Series by Villem and Mcleod a mixture of rollers, liquid and just a funky vibe.  I also listen to the Ivy Casts a lot, I love how they bring drum and bass and that oldskool hip hop vibe together.

Q:  What local DJs do you think really are great to hear play?

I def have to give a big shout out to Samantics and Sistym, everytime I have seen these junglettes play it has been nothing but vibes.  I’m also digging Hadden, Osko, Yattaman and my partner in grime, Impulsv.  There is so much local talent out there and I can’t mention them all.

Q:  There are some amazing producers out there at the moment. Any favourites?

Some favs for me are Break, DLR, Skeptical, Monty and the list could go on.

Q:  Anyone local we should look out for?

Locally look out for Temple, Cruel Noon, Rhythmic Soulz, Matty D, Impulsv and Krypsis.  Perth has a lot of talent and its great to for the Perth Drum and Bass scene.

Q:  What’s your current top 5?

Tough question, depends on my mood but my top 5 in no particular order is:

Puff N Stuff – Need for Mirrors

Bristol (Break Remix) – Technimatic

Elephant Dreams – Alix Perez

Waiheke Wine Club – Foreign Concept & Halogenix

and I can never forget If We Ever – High Contrast.

You can check out more B-Regal via her soundcloud and facebook and catch her live at ROLLER SUMMER BASS on Saturday December 2 at ours alongside some more incredible artists:

Terrence & Phillip w. CD:MC


B-Regal / Royce / Silver / Temple


Saturday 2nd December

7PM – Late


Rosemount Hotel