Thu 22/02

Your Guide To Our Beers

Not sure what you feel like drinking? We’ve prepared a handy little guide featuring  some of our favourite additions to Rosemount Hotel’s drive-thru and venue bottled and canned craft beer collections. There’s something here to satisfy even the most adventurous of tastes.

Keep an eye out as we update you with the latest and greatest!

From the Bar

Brew Dog “Punk IPA”


Scotland’s Finest. With an Australian brewery opening up soon you better believe that Brew Dog are the next big thing in craft beer. Get in now, so you can tell them you had it before it was famous. A bold take on IPA, this beer is both full flavour AND easy drinking. For they who want it all and a beer to go with it!


Stone & Wood “Pacific Ale”


A true modern classic. From Byron Bay, this beer is perfect for those lazy summer afternoons. The pallet is as easy drinking as it gets, with delightful passion fruit notes to boot.



Sierra Nevada “Pale Ale”


The beer that started a revolution. This is THE craft beer to which every other craft beer owes it’s existence. Born in 1979, this pale ale is the benchmark by which ALL pale ales are judged.



From the Drive-thru Bottleshop

4 Pines “Juiced Up Extra Summer Ale”


A light bodied, fresh and fun ale for those hot summer days, that doesn’t compromise on flavour. This beer is juiced, with rich notes of Kiwi, Strawberry & Passion fruit.



Rocky Ridge Brewing “Dr. Weedy’s Hemp Ale”


This delicious brown ale from Rocky Ridge Brewing is brewed with hemp seeds from Vasse Valley hemp farm. It’s a beer unlike anything you’ve had in WA! Decadent caramel notes, with an intoxicating aroma.



Boston Brewing Co “Afterglose Raspberry Gose” (pronounced “goes-uh”)


Making inroads into the wild, untamed territory of fruit forward beer, Boston Brewing Co have delivered a slam dunk of a fresh, summery sour. Trust us, sour beers are the new sophisticated summer drink and this is one of the best. With the tart flavour of a ripe raspberry and a delightfully refreshing finish, this beer is best drunk COLD and FRESH.