Mon 26/03

ROLLER Easter | Chats to Impulsv

Hey Sean thanks for joining us, how are you?

Yo! I’m good mate, thanks for having me.

For those who haven’t seen you play before, what sort of vibe can we expect from you at ROLLER EASTER? (artists/sub-genres etc…)

I like to switch it up in my sets, so you can expect a mixed bag of Halftime, Jungle, Liquid, Rollers & of course, a healthy dose of the classics!

You’ve supported some big names that have travelled through Perth, any favourites? Any memorable moments?

One of them I remember fondly was Dub FX back in 2016. Watching from back stage the whole crowd was drawn to him like a magnet, it was crazy! Also I have to mention Marcus Intalex that came through last year shortly before his passing. Such a genuine, humble dude who was a major pioneer with his own sound & mixing technique, a major inspiration for me and many others. R.I.P

As well as enjoying time behind the decks you also spending time in the studio working on both drum & bass and hip hop projects, how is all that coming along?

Always moving forward! Production, especially working with Drum & Bass is really time consuming and it can be hard to juggle everything sometimes. But any spare time I have, I’m in the studio plugging away. I have a handful of projects that are near completion and about a thousand unfinished ones that I’ll finish… One day…

Should we look forward to hearing some of your material on the night?

There’ll definitely be a few squeezed in there somewhere! Some that are released already, and a couple that are unreleased and ready for the club test!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Anywhere and everywhere! I’m a firm believer that if it’s good it’s good regardless of style or genre. But lately I’ve been inspired heavily by UK Hiphop/Rap especially THE MOUSE OUTFIT, LVLZ, IAMDBB & The crew at HIGH FOCUS. The combination of thought provoking lyrics, and the squeaky clean beats definitely does it for me. I’m pretty sure they all kick about the Manchester area, that whole place on another level. Must be in the water.

Some might not immediately know that you’re part of local hip hop outfit Rhythmic Soulz, can you tell us a little more about the project and your role in the group?

The Rhythmic Soulz is a collective of artists who live here in Perth from all around the world. My mate Jack, who I’ve made music and learnt production with over the last 6 years founded the project towards the beginning of last year and since then, has recruited a bunch of like-minded MCs and DJs to contribute in one way or another. They’re all on a vibe by themselves, so when they get together it’s something else! My role in the collective I’d say is the DJ, beat maker and technical production dude. We’ve had a handful of releases so far, including a couple music videos that Jack shot and edited himself that have seen some really good responses on social media. We aim to keep the consistency up with one release a month this year, so keep an eye out!

Perth always seems to breed some amazing local talent, are there any local producers you look to for good vibes and inspiration?

TERRENCE & PHILLIP are absolute lads. I’ve been hanging with them for the last 3-4 years and also learnt a lot off them production wise. I got to see the conception of Good Karma Music, which since then has morphed into a successful Label and promotion company putting on big shows both locally and internationally. Their beats are also turning into absolute beasts. I regularly play their tunes in my sets.

CONFUSIOUS is a lord producer who’s incredibly versatile and has the quickest work rate I have ever witnessed.

Also NEESNU has been sending me some absolute fire lately. But he’s still in the shadows. Hopefully he emerges soon.

Have to shout out to my girl B-REGAL, who learnt the ropes of DJing from myself probably 18 months ago and since then has a played for some serious headliners!

Current top 5?

Man only 5? The first 5 that come to mind are:







Thanks for taking some time out to talk to team roller and we look forward to seeing you on the big stage on the 29th!


IMPULSV – Soundcloud / Facebook

RHYTHMIC SOULZ – Soundcloud / Facebook