Fri 16/03

ROLLER Easter | Chats to WYN

Photograph by Matt Newell, @cavesrd

Local lady Madeleine McEwen, aka WYN, has been making some serious impact around Perth with her DJ sets, regularly appearing at Capitol, Ambar and Villa to name a few.  As well as her DJ sets, WYN is also an accomplished producer with her work featuring on Triple J Unearthed and local radio station RTRfm. She took a few minutes out of her day to have a chat with us.

Hi Madeleine, thanks for taking some time to have a chat with us, are you looking forward to Easter?

Yeah, I’m super keen for Easter! I’ve got a huge weekend kicking off with Roller and then onto Blazing Swan for the rest of the week. Its certainly going to be a very musical Easter.

For those that haven’t had a chance to catch you, how would you describe your sound as a DJ?

I love music from a wide variety of genres and I don’t like the idea of being put into the box of being defined by just one genre. As a DJ, I play a lot of underground bass music gigs (dnb/trap/house/dub/breaks/ukg) and I especially enjoy the more melodic songs from those genres. I also listen to and get to play a lot of hip hop and house music. Most of my sets are multi-genre and I just go with what the room is vibing at the time.

What are your top 5 tunes at the moment?

Lately I’ve been loving these:
Mefjus – If I could
Ivy Lab – Thirsty
Sevdaliza – That Other Girl
Mr Carmack – Kick It Up (constant repeats on any and all of his music really)
Signs – Polymorph

Have you got any classics in the box that you’ll be reaching for at ROLLER Easter?

I dunno if you’d called it a ‘classic’, but I think I play Spectrasoul’s ‘Second Chance’ in pretty much every dnb set, so that!

Do you have any big influences DJ wise? [If so can you explain why/how etc]

Yaeji – a Korean artist based in New York is probably my biggest performance inspo at the moment. She produces wicked house music and sings with her sets – something I’ve been toying with lately. I’m a singer/ live performer too so I’m really interested in exploring hybrid DJ/live sets. I’ve also been following the upcoming of WHIPPED CREAM, a mad dj/producer from the states who is reppin’ it hard for the femmes in bass music. I’m also always following Boiler Rooms sets – one of my favourite sets was one by Four Tet in London a few years ago.

As well as DJing you’ve also started to gain a following and some traction as a producer, can you give us an idea of your sound when it comes to your production?

Melodic/soulful bass music – It’s the same as what I DJ really. I generally like to keep the vibe pretty open, but lately I’ve been trying to focus on stuff around the 80-95 bpm mark – think dnb/ half time and hip hop/trap. I think it’s important to pick a vibe when you’re starting out, but I’d really like to diversify as much as I can as long as I’m still able to express myself and have people dig the music. I have several singles and an EP planned to come out this year and that’s the vibe I’ve gone with for now, but my sound will definitely evolve.

You recently had some of your music feature on Triple J Unearthed, can you tell us how that came about?

When I released my song ‘Never Be’ I put it up on Triple J Unearthed – some of the presenters came across my music through my involvement with WOMPP (Women of Music Production Perth). The girls from Feels (founders of the collective) also mentioned my name in an interview for International Women’s Day, so the Unearthed crew got in touch again, asking me to feature in that article too. You can find it here if you’re interested.

Do you have any tips for those trying to get started in the world of making music?

The article above actually offers an answer to that question. Personally, my main tip is that as long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. The world of sound design is crazy, exciting, frustrating and rewarding all in one. Be prepped for a long road ahead – I’ve been writing music for 6 or 7 years now, using Ableton for 2 years. It’s a serious amount of time you have to put in before you get to the level where you’re even happy to share your music with people. Start ASAP, work hard, and focus on making your art, not selling it.

Do you have any new releases lined up that we should be looking out for?

I haven’t got set dates juuuust yet, but yes – expect an EP and a bunch of singles this year. Most of the music is finished and is just in the mixing/mastering phase.

Any shout outs you’d like to give?

Shouts outs to WRAITH and Bold Theory – local producers and two of my best mates that I always have production sessions with. If you’re into seriously heavy stuff, you should check out their music. Also a special mention to Esym, another local who is absolutely killing it with his originals. I got to know Esym after he remixed my track ‘Never Be’. I love how music brings people together.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, we look forward to seeing you at ROLLER Easter Thursday at the Rosemount Hotel!!

You can check out WYN’s tunes on her Soundcloud and Triple J Unearthed page.