Thu 22/11

ROLLER: SUMMER BASS | Chats to Ekko & Sidetrack

Life has been pretty damn good for local legends Ekko & Sidetrack. Their music has been found in set lists of some of the scenes best and they’ve been exclusively signed to one of the best labels going round. So to have them appear for FREE at Roller: Summer BASS is pretty special. We sat down with brothers Hansen for a little pow-wow ahead of Saturday.

ROLLER: It’s been a pretty big year for you so far getting signed exclusively to Viper Recordings – does it feel like all the hard work is paying off?

Ekko & Sidetrack: Yeh of course! We’ve been working with Viper for quite a while and it was nice to make it official. It’s also cool to “sign” officially, it feels like an achievement and a turning point in our career and it’s great to know that we have their backing with the music we are writing.

R: We were following your recent tour to Europe via your social media channels, it looked like crazy fun times

E&S: We nearly didn’t come back. It was the best trip either of us have been on. Not only for the shows, parties and the people but for the amazing creative opportunities that arose when we were there. Perth is fairly isolated and can sometimes feel very separate from the rest of the world, but being in Europe everything and everyone is close, so collaborations, networking and general creativity is in the air.

R: Tell us about some of the places you played and where there any memorable moments?

E&S: We played at Liquicity festival (twice), Let It Roll and then a show at Egg in London for Viper live. The first night at Liquicity – which was a b2b with Dutch producers T and Sugah – was an amazing experience. We closed the main stage to around 4000 people after landing in Europe two days before. A big way to start the trip

R: Damn. That sounds pretty epic. So with the recent signing, what projects do you have coming up in 2019?

E&S: We are adding the finishing touches to our new single at the moment and working on a couple of remixes we can’t really talk about just yet. But keep an ear out at Summer Bass and you might hear them!

R: We will for sure! Any plans to tour again?

E&S: Definitely. Hopefully do an Australia tour in the early part of the year and go back to Europe for summer 2019.

R: Who are you feeling production-wise?

E&S: Culture Shock is always up there for us. His remix work has been ridiculous lately. SHOCKONE is working on some fire. 1991 is killing it and Upgrade and Bou are Jump up producers who are also smashing it.

R: What can we look forward to hearing at roller summer bass?

E&S: We love all kinds of drum and bass so we combine it all into a set that we hope will cause people to have a religious experience.

R: Haha, sounds like our sort of party. Thanks lads and we look forward to having a beer with you on Saturday. Make sure you check out their social media pages for news, music and general craziness.

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