Wed 12/12

Our Rosie Family | Chats with bartender Lou

Hey Lou, you took a break for a while! We hear there may have been a child. What’s the child’s name? How old are they now?


Yes I did take a break from working I was off work for 2 years! I had a little girl, 6.7 pounds, her name is Layla and she will be 2 in February.


It’s great that you’ve returned to Rosemount Hotel, not just from our perspective but many of the patrons who always feel warmly welcomed by you. We couldn’t help but notice you’ve got a few tattoos. What’s the most recent tattoo you’ve got? And what does it mean (as much as you’re willing to share)?


I haven’t had anymore tattoos in a few years but the last one I had was both sides of my head, one side says “Blessed” which to me means the life that I have now and the things that I have and how lucky I am, and the other side says “Angel of Mercy” which is a song written by Black Label Society. It’s my partners favourite band and I just really like that song.


The culture of Rosemount Hotel greatly welcomes patrons with their dogs. We heard through the grapevine that you have a litter of puppies. Have you named them all? What are their names?


Yes we have got puppies! We have 11. Only one has a name, she is the runt of the litter, and my daughter calls her Tiddles which is a turtle from Peppa pig. We know which ones are which as they all have different markings. We have sold 5 so far.


Your Bloody Mary’s are bloody good. Aside from ingredients, what makes a good Bloody Mary (i.e. love, passion, balance, testing, made to taste to punters order)?


Hahahahahah yes I do make pretty good Bloody Mary’s, I like to add lots of different things and not just a little dash – you need a good dollop! I add a few extras, which I have never seen anyone do, just to give a bit of extra love on everyone’s taste buds.


What days are you generally at the Rosie so we can discuss tattoos, dogs, bloody mary’s and whatever else if you don’t mind sharing?


Since having a little one I just work part time every Monday and Wednesday and fortnightly Sundays.