Thu 14/03


We’re super happy to have Cadence stepping up for Roller Easter Thursday – Rosemount Hotel . We sat down recently and asked her a few questions about what she’s been up to and also what started her passion for drum and bass. Cadence has also laid down a fire promo mix for your listening pleasure, which you can find via the link at the bottom of the post.

Roller: Hello! How have you been? Recovered from the Christmas and New Year’s silly season? What did you get up to?

Cadence: Hello, I’ve been pretty good thank you, haha just about! I did the annual Breakfest and there were also some extra killer dnb NYE gigs put on last year, it was so much fun and we definitely got silly.


R: Thanks so much for stepping up to roller Easter and also for laying down an amazing promo mix for us, it’s been on repeat at roller HQ.

C: No thank you! It’s amazing to be asked to be on the other side of the roller festivities for the first time, I can’t wait and I’m glad you liked it!


R: So let’s find out a bit more about you, where did your love for drum and bass start?

C: It started when I first heard a tune with the two infused together…. haha I can’t remember which one, but I always loved the energy that came with drum and bass. I did develop a finer ear over time though, and a new appreciation for certain sounds in drum and bass that I may have overlooked before.


R: How did you get into DJing, is there anyone you’d like to shout out for helping you get started?

C: I’ve always wanted to be able to mix music, but it wasn’t until I met Luke (Hadden) that it came into fruition, he taught me from scratch and is an amazing person to be taught by. He continuously inspires me, I got real lucky.


R: Who are a couple of DJs that have influenced you over the past few years?

C: Hadden and DLR


R: Drum and bass in Perth just seems to get better every year with local producers and DJs coming from everywhere, who are your favourites at the moment?

C: I know! Perth has a ridiculous amount of budding talent in drum and bass. I currently live in a house full of talented locals, so of course Hadden,VoortrekkerHewsonDensity and Teknix would have to be my favourites, along with Neesnu,Impulsv and Sphere.


R: Can you share any memorable gigs locally or overseas that you’ve been to?

C: So many memorable local gigs, Monty last week is an easy mention! He was amazing and the atmosphere was sick. Overseas wise, definitelyOutlook Festival last year in Pula, it was my first time and wow. Something everyone needs to experience and I’m stoked to be heading there again this year.


R: What has been your favourite gig you’ve played at? Also, any memorable moments you’ve witnessed?

C: I’ve been lucky enough to support some incredible artists, so I’d have to say my favourite gigs played were supporting Skeptical and SpectraSoul. Local gigs are always good fun though, and I’ve had moments at those where I was able to let go and enjoy myself more. Memorable moments.. haha way too many, especially at the kickons!


R: Do you have any thoughts about getting into the studio and producing?

C: I definitely do have those thoughts haha. I will always feel the way I do about music, the good thing is you’re never too old to do what you like in music, but I also think I better start seriously trying my hand in production asap because I know it is an extremely long, daunting and frustrating process to get where you’d like to be with it. So ideally I’d like to have progressed in the field of producing a lot by the end of this year, it’s a huge goal of mine.


R: What does your 2019 hold? Any gigs coming up that we should know about?

C: 2019 I can feel is going to be a good year! A few life changes have already happened for the better, and I hope it continues that way. Playing for you guys at Roller is the only gig in the pipeline at the moment, but I’m super happy with that!


R: Where can we find you on social media?


Thank you! Can’t wait to catch up at roller and have a boogie! 

Jump on her promo mix right here: