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LILZ has been bubbling at the surface of Perth drum & bass for some time, playing some of the best sets we heard in 2018. We finally managed to get him down for Roller Easter Thursday – Rosemount Hotel. In the lead-up we had a chat with Lilz about life, the universe and everything.

ROLLER: Hey mate – finally managed to get you down to roller, you’re a hard man to track down! Can you tell us a bit about your d&b journey, where did it get started?

LILZ: I first got into dnb probably when I first heard DJ Aphrodite. I instantly fell in love with the jungle baseline. ‘Hold Your Colour’ by Pendulum was probably the first big album/release which I constantly played, so it’s been long time now. I enjoy aspects of all drum and bass, so for me it’s pretty hard to get sick of.

R: From there how long was it until you picked up the headphones, how did that all come about?

L: I started dabbling in DJing quite a few years ago, but I’ve dedicated a lot more time into it in the last 2-3 years. I’ve always wanted to play at venues to people who really enjoy the same music as I do, so I bit the bullet and invested in a decent set of decks and put a lot more time into it. I wanted to get to a point where I could play at a gig like roller and other drum and bass nights. I’m stoked to be a part of it. It’s an awesome feeling when people vibe off a set you love to play.

R: You travelled a fair bit in 2017, where abouts did you get to? Any memorable locations or crazy gigs?

L: In 2017 a bunch of us went to Europe and ticked Ibiza off the bucket list. That was a pretty awesome time. We caught the “Together” DnB night at Amnesia while we were there. Being Ibiza though it was definitely more of a house and techno vibe. I enjoy a lot of that as well though.

R: You’ve laid down a cracking promo mix for roller, we loved the vibe and flow. What artists are you feeling at the moment?

L: Lately I’ve been getting into the more deep and dark stuff, so I’d like to get some of that into the set. I’ve been getting into things like Enei, Krakata, ANILEAlix Perez ALIBI and that sort of thing. S.P.Y and Break I’ve always been a big fan of.

R: Can you give us a tracklist for the mix?

  1. Sleeplessness – Keeno & Whiney
    2. Reality – Keeno
    3. See For Miles – Krakota
    4. Debris – Alibi
    5. Save Somebody (S.P.Y v High Contrast rmx) – High Contrast
    6. The Other Side – Vici
    7. Musihertz – Alibi vs Sofi Mari
    8. Skyline – Command Strange & Alibi
    9. In Life – Paolo, Tephra & Arkoze, Hillzy
    10. Feelings – Drumcatcher
    11. Suicide – Toti
    12. Poveglia (Whiney Remix) – Degs
    13. Caligo – Alix Perez, Monty
    14. Voices – HumaNature ft Leniz
    15. Whispers in My Ear – Break
    16. Seeking You – Synth Sense, Anile, Rose

R: We’re well and truly into 2019 now, what does it hold for you? Do you have some gigs to look forward to? More travel planned?

L: At this stage there are no other gigs set in concrete. Here’s hoping that roller opens the doors to a few more.

Thanks for being a part of roller easter – we can’t wait to see you up there. Before you go, can you link us to your social media pages so our roller family can go for a look?

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