Fri 05/04


Back for Roller Easter Thursday – Rosemount Hotel is Samantics, one of Australia’s finest drum & bass DJs and all round good humans. She’s just returned from a trip overseas and has just about finished the run of Extended Play parties for this summer, but there’s plenty more happening in 2019, so we sat down and asked her about Extended Play and what music she was vibing on lately.

ROLLER: Hi Sammy! How are you and how was your trip to NZ? Those photos looked amazing!

SAMANTICS: I’m really well thanks! NZ was incredible – I met some of my family for the first time which was awesome; and got to experience some magical places. I’m looking forward to going back to explore some more!

R: That sounds great, NZ is magical. It’s been a busy time for Extended Play throwing down some great parties in 2018, can you give us any hints on what is planned for the rest of 2019?

S: 2018 was real busy hey! We saw some amazing artists head over (never thought I’d see D-Bridge at the Indian Ocean Hotel!) This year Extended Play will be largely concentrating on local DJ events with heaps of parties in the pipeline. Inhibit Promotions has some truly massive events coming up too. Loads to get excited about in 2019 – trust me!!!

R: We’ve always loved your sets you’ve played at roller, can you give the uninitiated an idea of the artists and producers you like to throw in there?

S: Naw… thanks so much…And I’ve always loved playing at Roller!! One of my favourite parts of DJing is searching for tunes and artist’s not many people have heard to keep things fresh but there’s a few artists that have always found their way into my set lists. The likes of Digital, Ivy Lab, Fracture, Saxxon Music, Bladerunner dnb & Sam Binga might give you an idea of the sounds I like. I’ve got a bunch of new stuff ready to play for you all at Roller too so I hope you guys enjoy!

R: Through your work with Extended Play and Inhibit we know you’ve got your finger on the pulse of Perth, who do you think are the best talents we’ve got emerging in the drum&bass scene at the moment?

S: Perth has always had loads of talent in the D&B production space and it is growing by the second! There are too many amazing local artist’s to be able to name them all… I am really impressed by the group of talented Perth producers collaborating on the ” New Forms ” half-time label. Special mention to WYN, Bold Theory & Euph – you guys are smashing it! But out of everyone I think the emerging talent about to make some serious waves is Confusious. Harry is on fire at the moment with releases coming out soon on some of my favourite labels. It’s been awesome to watch his journey unfold and I’m sure he will be up there with the best in no time at all!

R: We know it’s hard to narrow it down, but top 5 tunes at them moment?

S: It is super hard!! Haha. Well if I must a few tunes that have made me turn my head recently are…

Grey Code – Saturn
Fixate – Ripgroove Remix
ADAM F – Circles (Pola & Bryson) (I heard this at Breakfest and lost my mind!)
Inja & Serum Dnb – Samurai
Aries Jungle Refix – Ape Drums

Cheers! – look forward to catching up for a boogie with you at roller! If you want to follow Samantics on social media, make sure you jump on her pages below.

FB: Samantics