in Four5Nine Bandroom w/ Osko, Silver, Technikality, Dngrfld, & Maloon

DATE: Friday, 29th December

DOORS OPEN: 7:00pm

STAGE: Four5Nine Bandroom

TICKETS: $12 entry at the door

Welcome to the fifth instalment of Amen!

AMEN: The Amen Break is a 4 bar drum solo from the track Amen Brother by The Winstons…

It became the most widely used sample in history, from hip hop to breakbeat, hardcore to jungle and drum n bass..

Here at Damaged Goods we like to pay homage to all things broken, especially beats! In this edition of AMEN we have assembled a rock steady crew of badman selecta’s to take you through the night, including Osko, Silver, Technikality, Dngrfld and Maloon.