Cool Perth Nights & RTR FM present: Slightly Odway Live

in the MAIN ROOM w/ Wooly Mammoth, Reef Prince, Ryan Beno, Emlyn Johnson, Oosterbanger, & special guest DJs

DATE: Saturday, 28th October

DOORS OPEN: 8:00pm

STAGE: Rosemount Main Stage

TICKETS: $10.20 incl bf (Click 'Buy Tickets')

RTR FM has a morning segment where local artists do renditions of other Perth artists songs. Cool Perth Nights with RTR FM have put together Slightly Odway Live. Now we know what you’re thinking… when these songs are performed on the radio, it’s live, but, this is more live. You may have heard Ryan Beno doing FOAM’s ‘Body Into Mine’ or Reef Prince covering Sabre Tooth Tigers ‘Rock n Roll Music Forever’ but nows your chance to see these tributes, as well as their unique originals. Money is split evenly between artist and RTR FM. RTR FM DJ’s will be spinning tunes throughout the night.

Slightly Odway Live features:

Wooly Mammoth
Reef Prince
Ryan Beno
Emlyn Johnson
DJ Lauren Salt
DJ Taylah Stranso
DJ Libby Noble
DJ Naomi Smith

From the Perth artists, RTR FM and Cool Perth Nights, we would love your support and to experience this together.