Extracurricular Activities

in the MAIN ROOM w/ special guests Palo Alto, & Roobs and the Washing Line Economics

DATE: Wednesday, 28th August

DOORS OPEN: 8:30pm

STAGE: Rosemount Main Stage

TICKETS: Free Entry

Every Wednesday Rosemount Hotel says Tutorials schmuutorials, with $12 jugs, ridiculously good food specials and siiiiiiiiik bands, with no cover charge as – given one is always quite selective when it comes to electives – everybody needs Extracurricular Activities at least once a week.

This week’s key notes through the speakers come from Palo Alto and Roobs and the Washing Line Economics.

Alleviate your incredible minds at Extra Curricular Activities each Wednesday at Rosemount Hotel. This is a night designed for students but all are welcome.