in Four5nine Bandroom w/ Anthony Cooley, Kirsten Symczycz, Lenny Jacobs, Vanessa Stasiw, Mark Cain, & Ben Greene

DATE: Monday, 13th November

DOORS OPEN: 8:00pm

STAGE: Four5Nine Bandroom

TICKETS: $5-$15 (pay what you want) Entry at the Door

Tura New Music’s iMprov series presents experimental and exploratory improvisation at bar Four5Nine once a month on a Monday night.

Melbourne-based drone musician Anthony Cooley performs the Perth show of his Australia tour to support his new release on Frustration Jazz as DFFDL. Cooley’s solo performances explore just intonation and electro-acoustic processing of guitar, creating loud and dense sonic presences.

Kirsten Symczycz & Lenny Jacobs‘ drone project welcomes Vanessa Stasiw on harmonium and a to-be-announced brass ensemble into the lineup to produce sustained cacophany of the highest order.

A new collaboration manifests between Mark Cain & Ben Greene, who slide and stutter around woodwinds and drum kit, drawing on a diverse palette of influences and techniques to render unusual textures in real time.

Anthony Cooley [VIC] (guitar & electronics)
Kirsten Symczycz (keyboards), Lenny Jacobs (drums) and Vanessa Stasiw (harmonium)
Mark Cain (woodwinds) & Ben Greene (drums)

Upcoming iMprovs: December 11