Jupiter Zeus (EP Launch)

in Four5Nine Bandroom w/ special guests Servus Sum, King Zog

DATE: Saturday, 20th May

DOORS OPEN: 8:00pm

STAGE: Four5Nine Bandroom

TICKETS: $7 entry at the door

Delivering some of their finest songs to date, Perth four-piece Jupiter Zeus return with their latest EP, Eyes On The Prize – once again creating a fantastical meld of of music and imagination. The band launch the EP at Four5Nine on Saturday, May 20, with support from King Zog and Servus Sum. Jupiter Zeus’ stellar collision of stoner and space rock takes the listener on a beautiful journey – like an astral projection to the vast plains of a distant world. Their 2014 debut album On Earth was filled with breathtaking riffs, vocal hooks, hypnotic rhythms, and vivid, engrossing imagery. It was definitive of the band in every sense. Eyes On The Prize delivers glimpses of an epic sophomore album to come. It carries the torch of On Earth majestically, but introduces new elements to the band’s periodic table. Faster tempos mark the latest additions to the Jupiter Zeus creation – delivering stronger tones of metal in a machine-gun flurry of double kick, muted guitars and blitzkrieg solos. As a contrast to what was already there, the new flourishes are electrifying… supercharging the band’s sound without changing it. Each song on Eyes On The Prize bears the unmistakable fingerprint of Jupiter Zeus. Their natural chemistry as friends fuels their unbelievable tightness as a band – from their metronomic synchrony right down to their signature vocal harmonies. The drums are huge, the bass is huge, the guitars are huge, and the vocals are huge… yet, somehow, all fitting together as one seamless transmission of energy. Coming at a time when the distant horizon grows nearer than ever for the band, the launch of Eyes On The Prize coincides with Jupiter Zeus’ first world tour. Disembarkation number one will be New Zealand in May, with further international dates planned for later in the year – providing overseas fans a rare chance to see Jupiter Zeus live. And they won’t be disappointed. The band, whose origins together as musicians dates back two decades, are at their absolute best on stage. For the launch, Jupiter Zeus will perform a set of live favourites mixed with new material from Eyes On The Prize and the forthcoming second album. Getting the party under way will be the blistering metal of Servus Sum, and doom warlords King Zog – offering music lovers a banquet of some of Perth’s best. It’s going to be an unmissable night! $7 entry at the door from 8pm.