Mile End

in the MAIN ROOM w/ special guests Heebiejeebies, Last/Tuneless, & Fall Electric

DATE: Thursday, 26th April

DOORS OPEN: 8:00pm

STAGE: Rosemount Main Stage

TICKETS: $10 Entry at the Door

The quintessential gold champagne sideshow to Mile End’s In The Pines 2018 appearance is at Rosemount Hotel. They will be joined in love and solidarity by the beautiful Heebiejeebies, Last/Tuneless and Fall Electric.

Amerika Pt. 1 is the first release off Mile End’s forthcoming record Remote Viewing. Written, performed and produced by Perth musicians, Dean Anthonisz, Nick Barnett, Cameron Hines and Jerome Turle, Remote viewing is the soundtrack to an imaginary David Lynch film starring Franz Kafka, Donald Trump, Elvis, the CIA, Sylvia Plath, Vladislav Surkov, Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Monroe, The Weather Underground and the entire cast of Hogan’s Heroes. Watch the video for first single AMERIKA PT. 1, taken from the forthcoming album coming out later in the year.