Nick Sheppard and The New Pomeranians

in Four5Nine Bandroom

DATE: Sunday, 21st May

DOORS OPEN: 8:00pm

STAGE: Four5Nine

TICKETS: Free Entry

Nick Sheppard has a bit of a story, and he reckons now is as good a time as any to tell it…

At 16, he played the Legendary Roxy Club in London’s Covent Garden as a member of The Cortinas; one of the original wave of UK Punk Rock Groups. Three Blistering Singles, an Album, a ton of gigs and about two years later, that story ended…

Nick moved to America for a year. San Francisco.

Back to The UK. Played with a bunch of bands, Got a call from a Girlfriend – “do you want to audition for a band my mate works for?”

“Maybe; who are they?”

“The Clash”

“Yeah, I could do that…”

Two years, one American and two European tours, a top 20 single and a highly controversial album later, that story ended…

Nick carried on playing, DJ’ing, acting (Films and TV) and generally making a racket – Head, The New Egyptian Kings, The DomNicks are just a few of the bands he’s been in over the last 30 odd years.

And now he’s put together The New Pomeranians.

A three piece; Nick on Guitar, Jamie Turner on Bass and Mitch Benson on Drums. Jamie and Mitch play in The High Learys, Nicks favourite Perth band. “I love what they do, and I wanted young heads to bring a freshness to what, essentially, could be a history lesson if I’m not careful!”

So – expect a whole bunch of songs from Nick’s past and present. Some you might know, some you definitely won’t, some were written by Nick, others are covers of tunes he loves, and some are songs he played back in the day. A bit of story telling, Dad jokes and some fancy footwork – sounds like a great night out to me!