Share House

in the MAIN ROOM w/ Share House DJs & musos including DJ Beryl Streep, Lyndsay Slohand, Nicole Filev, Azüra, WYN, & Caitlin Nienaber

DATE: Thursday, 24th August

DOORS OPEN: 7:00pm

STAGE: Rosemount Main Stage

TICKETS: Free Entry

Tonight sees Share House continue at Rosemount Hotel. This is an end of exams party for everyone. Share House DJs include and all star cast of djs and musos – namely, DJ Beryl Streep, Lyndsay Slohand, Nicole Filev, Azura. WYN, Caitlin Nienaber plus loads more.

There’s ping pong and other indoor games lined up. Drink and food specials will be the order of the night, including the tasty classic Schnitzel and Spaghetti for only $14 – Rosemount understand. This will all kick off at 7pm with happy hour from 7pm until 8pm. No entry charge to get into this share house!