The Bible Bashers

in the MAIN ROOM w/ special guests The New Invincibles, The Secret Buttons, & Sick Pose

DATE: Friday, 22nd February

DOORS OPEN: 8:00pm

STAGE: Rosemount Main Stage

TICKETS: $10 Entry at the Door

You are cordially invited to evening of elegance and sophistication with Perth’s social elite. Enjoy the finest of dining experiences, coupled with a most respectable aural accompaniment of top tier, upper-class talent. The Bible Bashers, The New Invincibles, The Secret Buttons, Sick Pose, and more!

Dress to impress – you never know which wealthy and affluent West Australian you’ll end up conversing with. Why, you just may find the value of your social currency skyrocketing after bumping shoulders with the right people. We’re exhilarated merely thinking about all those rich and powerful people in one place, but will politely remind you that our events have a zero tolerance policy towards anti-social behaviour, We wouldn’t want you to tarnish the family name. In addition, as per usual, we ask that you stay vigilant and be on the lookout for unsavoury types looking to gain access to our establishment without first applying for membership via our rigorous initiation process.