The Sword

in the MAIN ROOM w/ special guests

DATE: Sunday, 28th October

DOORS OPEN: 8:00pm

STAGE: Rosemount Main Stage


GA – $69.90 incl. bf (Click ‘Buy Tickets’)
VIP Meet and Greet – $199.90 incl. bf (Click ‘Buy Tickets’)

We sail through endless skies, stars shine like eyes… as we travel the universe.

The Sword know no boundaries. JD Cronise [vocals, guitar], Kyle Shutt [guitar], Bryan Richie [bass], and Santiago Vela III [drums] take their own conception of heavy psychedelic rock beyond the realms of perception. You feel the pounding in your ears and you feel that vibration in your diaphragm, but this is an attack that is wholly joyous and uplifting.

Fresh from the outstanding 5 star reviews for their latest album “Used Future”, The Sword bring their sonic journey in from the outer reaches of the galaxy to a city near you.

Inspired by classic rock originators such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, ZZ Top and classic era Metallica, the Sword have forged their own identity melding buzzsaw guitars, 60’s garage, 70’s psychedelia and a decent dollop of sludge with lyrics exploring mythology, science fiction literature and introspective philosophy. The result is a spellbinding concoction of gut wrenching bliss.

The Sword bring beauty and brutality evocative of rock’s golden age, but with a consciousness and bravura devastatingly shaped by these hammers of the gods for the 21st century and beyond.

“Almost immediately after kicking off with ‘Maiden, Mother & Crone’ there were hands up in the air and heads thrashing. They wanted their fervor and they got it.” – Live Music Review 12/04/2018

“If you get the chance to catch The Sword on tour, definitely do it” – Hysteria 9/4/2018