in Four5Nine Bandroom as part of Fringe World

DATE: Thursday, 24th January

DOORS OPEN: 7:00pm

STAGE: Rosemount Main Stage

TICKETS: Tickets $25 ($18.50 for groups of 6+)

WILD-HER-NESS! is about blood lost, hair found, wearing your mum’s jeans, dancing as medicine, finding creativity inside your nooks and crannies and cyclical, holy moon lessons. See this as your poetic education, your sexual ventilation, you dreamer! You, sensation! Fresh from a hit n run at Melbourne Fringe, WILD-HER-NESS! is coming to you this FRINGEWORLD 2019. A show about growing with (or without) your body, wise words from mum and the uncanny power of language: this eclectic storytelling, psycho-comedy, spoken word presentation is our reminder that letting go ain’t always pretty. A show that addresses tough feminist issues with honesty, tenderness, and surrealism? WILD-HER-NESS! is for vagina bearers and admirers alike, for the romantics, the strange, the lovers and feelers – it is about letting the subjective free, having multiple identities, living fluidly, and is more than anything, an ode to women being bloody resilient creatures.

Created and performed by Poppy Sloan, a gender and sexuality student whose first loves were the poem Blackberrying by Sylvia Plath and dancing on the kitchen table in what she calls her ‘rock outfit’. Poppy volunteers in sexual consent education with teenagers, and is also probably your local bartender, so she knows a thing or two about things no one ever needed to know. Her writing is colourful and eccentric, absurd and childlike at times, and undeniably philosophical at others.

“Performing poetry is my favourite form of expression, but there is something about not being able to laugh at your own intensity, or add colour, humour, costume or improvisation, which is why I think for many people it doesn’t translate or feels old timey. This show is my first public experiment in adding other elements – in making my own ‘frankenstein’ on what being a young woman means to me.”