Wulfe Pres. Playlist

in Four5Nine Bandroom w/ Tanaya Harper, Chloe Buchanan, WULFE, & Ghost Care

DATE: Wednesday, 27th June

DOORS OPEN: 7:30pm

STAGE: Four5Nine Bandroom

TICKETS: $5 Entry at the Door

Playlist is a showcase night curated by upcoming electronic artist WULFE. Four of Perth’s most exciting new artists will take to the stage at Four5Nine to hit play and warm you up on this winter night. Covering multiple genres; from Indie Rock to Electronic Pop, Playlist is very much like your own playlists in your Spotify library. The artists featuring are Chloe Buchanan, Ghost Care, Tanaya Harper and WULFE.

Singer/songwriter Chloe Buchanan expresses an outlet of raw emotion through her unique lyrics and melodies. Her velvet toned vocals and contemporary acoustics blend genres of indie-pop/rock and alternative music. Singing words your heart breathes and taking you where the mind wanders, Chloe is a songwriter you don’t want to miss and is undoubtedly walking a radiant path.

Perth Indie-rock outfit Ghost Care are the quintessence of soft-rock, but not dad-rock. Their luscious harmonies and infectious hooks are perfectly matched with gritty guitar and solid, versatile grooves. The trio have gained a lot of their inspiration from artists such as The Black Keys, The Strokes, HAIM and Phoenix. Founded by lead singer Beau Torrance, the trio is complete with drummer Luke Del Fante and bassist Tanaya Harper.

Indie-rock angel Tanaya Harper is one of Perth’s leading ladies of original music. Her insightful lyricism resonates with audiences as she delivers her personal experiences with depression, anxiety and living with bipolar disorder. Tanaya is well-known for sharing her intimate messages and silken melodies, paired with disarming (plus awkward/hilarious) stage banter.

WULFE is the moniker of 20 year old Perth producer Michael Swallow. As Pilerats writes WULFE “creates cinematic landscapes through his often synth-heavy productions, ones that could be easily compared to some of Tourist’s more down-tempo instrumental efforts early on in his career”. WULFE returns this year with collaborative EP ‘Make Believe’ with Sydney artist TRU’ which is out now on Spotify. The rest of 2018 will see WULFE move his music into a live setting.